I’m not feeling altogether like ranting about anything in particular. However, there is one thing which come readily to mind. That is question of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, where they are, if there are any, why the President told us there were some, and, if there never were any to begin with, what we’re going to do about it. I am going to hold my breath on whether or not we ought to have gone to war, on whether or not Mr. Hussein is an evil tyrant, because these issues are somewhat beside the point in the face of this larger question: Did the President willfully mislead the American people, the world community?

And I think this is an important question. Whether or not one lodges any other complaints against the President for his war (just or unjust), for his frightening budget proposal, for his stealing the election a few years back (and probable attempts to buy the next one), I think this honesty question is vastly important for one, if not a dozen reasons. And this is it.

Four years ago, the media, the Republicans, and a whole host of people with nothing better to do were ready to run former President Bill Clinton out of office for lying about his definition of the word “it.” While it is not important to debate the ethics of the former President, let alone his politics, why are we so quick to kick him out of office for telling a lie which, at worst, hurt his wife, daughter, an intern, and his public image? Why are we so slow to kick out our current president for telling a lie which directly caused the deaths of an untold number of American and Iraqi people?

Something to think about. And then act.