Summer gives way to autumn.

I’ve been terribly busy lately. Summer camps, house guests, family vacations, and academic conferences have all kept me tightly engaged with the real world. If you haven’t been to see the real world yourself, I highly recommend it. My only complaint (apart from a lack of time to pursue more strictly creative endeavors) was the heat. I spent too much time away from the Bay Area, and the time I spent here was coincidentally timed with all the heat waves. But when one’s only complaint is the weather — something totally beyond our control — that must mean that everything else is beautiful.

I don’t know; maybe that’s specious logic. Maybe I’m using the word specious incorrectly and only wanted to sound smart. I’m being proactive. It’s a totally radical paradigm. Using buzzwords so I’ll sound smarter than I am. And ramble needlessly. Digress. I digress. Truth of the matter is that things are pretty tolerable in my little corner of the world, and it’s easy to live in a media blackout with my blinders on.

Meanwhile, things move on out there in the real world. My brother and his wife had a baby, after all. They made a person. A beautiful little girl who’s got to grow up in this world. This world that’s getting increasingly off-kilter. If you haven’t been paying attention, there’s a recall going on out here in California. (Personally, I’m voting for the sumo wrestler.) And like it or not, the war in Iraq is far from over. But even with these more troubling things going on, there are some moments of real bliss, of joy, in our lives that aren’t that hard to locate. I found some in my brand new niece, in another little baby named Bella, in all things physical and real and not reliant upon my computer.

I think that’s all I’ve got in me right now.