damn it.

Well now that that’s over with, the recall I mean, maybe we can all get back to paying attention to more important things. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that this election is going to have pretty far reaching impact that we can not, at this point, possibly know, but I’d like to kindly point out some other things deserving of our attention.

Proposition 54 was defeated.

It’s autumn now; the leaves are turning color, the air is crisp in the morning, and that can only mean that the holidays are just around the corner. And I’m not talking about the consumer’s wet dream version of Christmas; I’m talking about a season marked by time with friend and family, for being thankful for all we’ve been blessed with, and hope for a brighter future. (You know, the important things.)

Arnold won. But in a little more than a year, we’re going to have to vote in a much more important election. And I suspect that over the next twelve months, everyone’s favorite president will try his hardest to play up the half-dozen new jobs in the country and down play the fact that many of us are still stuck in a recession. I have a feeling we’re going to hear less and less about the whole CIA thing, and they’ll try to make us forget that we’re still fighting a war in Iraq. Oh, and in Afghanistan. Oh, and in Columbia, but we’re not supposed to know about that.

So we lost a battle. Let’s not loose the war.