wake up!

I read something interesting at Working for a Change today in regards to John Kerry. (I’d like to point out right off the cuff here that I’ve yet to decide who I want to see in the white house next year, but I’m damn sure who I don’t want to see.) Geov Perrish wrote:

“More and more Democrats are concluding, as polls suggested participants in the first two states had, that electability &#151 the ability of a candidate to beat Dubya &#151 is their most important criteria, trumping any and all of the usual issue litmus tests.

“But Bush would cream Kerry.”

His reasoning for this is that Kerry is dull. He ranks him right up there with Gore and argues that “Bush would spend six months repeating five words: ‘Massachusetts. Liberal. Senator. Washington. Insider.’ Voters will supply two more: ‘Stiff. Boring.’ ”

This is super logic. No. Really. I’m excited as hell about it. I’m glad that my fellow liberal brethren are already feeling hopeless and filled with dread. I’m thrilled that we’re worried about our candidate’s personality and speaking skills, especially when going up against someone as well-spoken as Mr. Bush.

It seems that if we’re really worried about electability, we ought not be so worried about what our guy looks and sounds like. We ought to be focused on why we need to elect someone other than Bush in the first place. Now, I know it seems like I’m heading down that slippery slope of smear campaigns. Of dirty politics. But I believe we can make anyone look like JFK or FDR or Lincoln &#151 hell even Reagan &#151 compared to Bush. All we have to do is keep reminding the American public of all the good he’s done for our county over the past three years.

So forget about his family’s Nazi ties.
Forget about the fact that he went AWOL.
Forget about his drinking and drug problems.
Forget about his lying about WMD in Iraq.
Forget about his claim that Mr. Hussein was in cahoots with Al Queda.

Just remember that when he was governor of Texas, Dallas became the most
polluted state in the Union.
Just remember that despite all his promises to the contrary, there are still 43 million Americans without health care.
Just remember that 3 million people have lost their jobs in the last three
Just remember that this is the guy who signed the Patriot Act into law.
Just remember that this is the guy who wants a constitutional amendment to
ban gay marriages.
Just remember that this is the guy who has so far sent over 500 American service personnel to their deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Just remember that this is the guy who was bed fellows with Kenneth Lay and
did nothing to stop the Enron fiasco.

Hell, next to that track record, even I’d make a good presidential candidate. And I hate politics.

So here’s to Kerry and Dean and especially Clark and Edwards for keeping up the good fight and getting these issues on table. These are the issues. Not the electability of a candidate. It goes without saying we need someone new out there in Washington. And these are the reasons. They alone should be enough to make anyone more electable that Mr. Bush.