I was going to write about positivity, and about love, and about change, and about growth, and about all those other happy things. But that wouldn’t be honest. And I need to be honest. As honest as I can. Truth of the matter is, I’ve been on edge for a while. Apart from whatever my […]


I have a phoenix tattooed on my arm. I’ve had it for about six years now. Before that, I had an earlier version of the same thing which was done by the world’s worst tattoo artist, so when I had the money I had it covered over.

what’s wrong with me?

Things aren’t all that great over here in Buddhaworld. I think it’s pretty important that everyone out there bares with me. Just when I thought I saw the light, things got dim again. But I think I see a new light. So perhaps things will pick up. After all, this was my horoscope today: Departures […]