Last week at San Quentin

Next week is my last week at San Quentin. I have mixed feeling about that. One the hand, I’m sort of relieved. Teaching at times is tiring work. Coupled with my own, personal academic goals and a full-time summer job, this teaching gig is one more thing on an already pretty crowded plate. It will […]

the home stretch

I’ve got a brand new apartment. Which is a half-truth. It’s a new apartment, to be sure, since I’ve only lived here for six months or so. But it’s also a new-new apartment in the sense that I’ve just finished cleaning it and rearranging some furniture and hanging some art and making it livable again. […]


It’s occurred to me as I’m going through all these revisions to my site that Buddhaworld is officially one year old. That it was the last week of June last summer that I went live, so to speak. On the one hand, I feel like there ought to be some modicum of fanfare, some bit […]