the home stretch

I’ve got a brand new apartment. Which is a half-truth. It’s a new apartment, to be sure, since I’ve only lived here for six months or so. But it’s also a new-new apartment in the sense that I’ve just finished cleaning it and rearranging some furniture and hanging some art and making it livable again. It’s been a long few weeks. Truth be told, it’s been a long two months. On Memorial Day I went up to Napa with my family — mom and step-dad, brother, sister-in-law and niece all in tow. Within days of coming home, I left to house-sit for my good friend Scott up in the Oakland hills for a week. I came back here for a busy week of San Quentin, baseball games, and out-of-town guests before heading back to Scott’s for almost three full weeks. There were the Power Tool Drag Races and the SF Mime Troupe on the Fourth of July with the ever talented AliKatt and John Hell. When I returned to my lovely little apartment, I had more out-of-town guests and then my mom and step-dad came for a visit. They just left this morning. And I spent the whole of the afternoon moving my bedroom furniture around, cleaning out and re-organizing all those boxes I threw in my closet six months ago, chasing a herd of dust bunnies out the front door, and finally taking out all my recycling and garbage. It’s been a full day. And sitting here at the end of it, I feel pretty damn proud of myself. This place feels livable again. The windows are open and the late afternoon summer breeze is coming in and my dog is curled up at my feet and the music on the stereo’s on and I’ve got all my shit taken care of at least for tonight before it starts all over again in the next week or so. But I’m going to take a deep breath, eat some junk food, maybe have a beer and watch a movie. And unwind. And think about how fortunate I am. How fortunate I am to have such a wonderful and supportive family. How fortunate I am to live in this spectacular apartment. To have such a wonderful cute and well-behaved dog. To have an eclectic assortment of friends who I can be with, talk with, and feel open and free with without any of the drama I’ve worked so hard to remove from my life. My life. Which even when it’s busy and seems out of control is still, in the end, my life. And a life well-worth living. So I’m going to thank the Buddhas, as always, for all their help and guidance, and toast myself to a job well done. The summer’s already half over. We’re into the home stretch, and I am in love with love and living every moment, engaged and as mindful as can be. Here’s to a job well done!