Airport Chronicles (Part II)

I’m in Detroit. It’s just this side of 7:30, local time, but I think it’s really four in the morning. I was going to write something on the plane, somewhere over the midwest, a great, flat expanse of lights. I was going to write something about the mother-daughter pair sitting next to me. About the […]

Airport Chronicles (Part I)

So it’s about nine o’clock at night and I’m sitting in at a bar in San Francisco International Airport, nursing a ten-dollar drink. Need more context? I’m off to a conference; not strictly speaking an academic conference, but a conference related to my day job. My camp job. Anyway, it’s a red-eye flight. Long story. […]


I both love and fear weddings. I think that anyone who’s known me for more than a couple of years should know exactly why that is. Why I have these mixed feelings on the matter. On the one hand, I am now deeply in the rut of a thirty-year-old serial monogamist. I’m that guy you […]

the future

The other night I was having an extended telephone conversation with a good friend of mine up in Portland. I think this was the day after the big hullabaloo in New York that was the RNC, so naturally our conversation turned to politics. We both had that sense of fear and apprehension that seems to […]