watch out!

All right all right. First off, today is the day. Today is the day that we get our new governor out here in California. Damn it.

I feel in no way a need to complain about that. I think enough’s been said, frankly. And, even more frankly, who cares? Someone told me before the election they were going to vote for him because he’s pro-business. That’s ridiculous. How many politicians in this country aren’t pro-business? Even “liberal” politicians like the Clinton-Gore duo? Now now. Before you tell me they’re weren’t pro-business with all their yam-holing about the environment and on and on, I’d like to remind you of a little thing called NAFTA. Whose idea was NAFTA? Who does NAFTA serve? The working-class poor? The environment? Or business?

Anyway, back to my “who cares” comment. Why shouldn’t we care about who the current governor is in the world’s fifth largest economy? Because there isn’t really all that much to be done about it right now. Let it go. And let’s move on. Again and again I’m going beat people over the head with this. We’ve got bigger fish to fry. Whenever ten-thousand media personnel descend upon the location of a Hollywood star you can bet that someone far away is doing something shady that’s actually more important but less flashy.

Watch out! What’s really happening today is that the Bush-Cheney administration is railroading an energy bill through Congress. What’s really happening is that though reports claim that there are x-number of “new jobs” out there, unemployment is still at a an all-time high. What’s really happening is that while you read this free and easy, one in ten Californians are in prison. What’s really happening is that two more soldiers were killed in Iraq in the time it took me to write this Rant. What’s really happening is that since we invaded Iraq, no less than 7, 000 civilians have died. I don’t even want to think about Afghanistan. And the “bad guys,” Mr. Hussein and Mr. bin Laden, are still wandering around stirring up trouble.

Keep an eye on Arnold. But just because he’s so wildly popular and just because his movies make so goddamned much money doesn’t mean we need to stop watching other issues.

(Next week I’ll be less pessimistic, I promise!)