the very first final friday fucko festivus

So about a month ago I got a crazy idea stuck in my head. I decided that what we all need is some ritual in our lives, a tad bit more ceremony. That is to say, something to celebrate and ritualize that’s actually meaningful. There’s all sorts of rituals in our daily lives that are pretty meaningless, but this is of course an argument I’m in no mood to get into right now. Needless to say, with such a disparate group of friends as mine who rarely, if ever, have to time to get together and enjoy good food, drink, company, and music, I thought it would behoove us all to create a monthly forum set aside for enjoying good food, drink, company, and music.

And it came to be known as Final Friday Fucko Festivus. And last night was the very first installment.

Now, truth of the matter was, there were but six of us in attendance, including Ali and Michael’s four month old baby. Which was just as well for me. It’s been a busy, hectic week, and I don’t think I had the energy to entertain much more than that. So the neighbors came by, and were more than kind enough (as always) to bar-b-cue some chicken and bring along some vodka. Michael and I talked about politics and music and dropped an occasional Simpsons reference. And Ali and Jessica got a chance to talk about babies and quilts.

So half my friends are having fun at Noise Pop this weekend. The other half are sick. And the third half are God knows where. But that’s the beauty of Final Friday Fucko Festivus. There’ll be another a month from now and it’ll no doubt have its own mix and flavor.

I’m feeling pretty good about this little idea of mine. But, more to the point, I’m feeling pretty tired. Jessica and I stayed up till well after three talking about…y’know? I’m not sure exactly what were talking about towards the end there, but I’m sure it was brilliant. So I’m a bit ready for a nap even though I’ve only been awake for a couple of hours. But that’s what Saturdays are for right? Tomorrow I can get back to work. Today I can take off.

Here’s to the first of many Final Fridays.