the next big thing

It’s eleven-thirty on a Sunday night. I’m laying in bed after a long week and a pretty relaxing weekend. I’m pleased to report that I actually got my comps proposal done. Well, sort of. The funny thing about grad school is, for me at any rate, that nothing ever really feels done. There’s just a series of small accomplishments that, over time, amount to something very large being done.

But I’ve decided to start celebrating those small little accomplishments because I’ve got nothing else to point to to mark my progress. So, despite the fact that I still need to gussy up the bibliography and despite the fact that I won’t formally propose my comps proposal for another week or two, the proposal itself has been sent off to my committee via email and it’s in their hands now, off my hard drive.

To celebrate, I went for a bike ride yesterday. I must have rode for a good ten or fifteen miles, up along the bay, past Golden Gate Fields, and then back through Albany, Berkeley, and finally home. It’s the first time I’ve been on my bike in weeks. The weather’s been particularly crappy in these parts this past month. But this weekend the sun came out and I think there’s hope yet for a beautiful spring. We’ll see. But anyway, there was something particularly satisfying about being on my bike for that long. It was something completely physical. I didn’t think about my comps or about classes or about work or about my dog and his upcoming dental surgery. I was just on my bike, free of my mind for a change.

I highly recommend it.

And now I’m laying in bed feeling anything but tired which no doubt has a lot to do with my mind already on the next big thing. Mom’s coming to town tomorrow. And I still have class on Wednesday. I’ll have to find those books for my bibliography. And there’s always work with the new employees (one of whom is driving me crazy, in a good way, and another one who’s driving me crazy in a bad way). Seems like there’s always something.

But I can’t complain. I chose this life, and all things considered, it’s pretty good. This is not the on-line journal of bitching, despite the connotation of “Rant” up there in the title. More to the point, right now, it’s my way of letting the world know that I’m keeping my head above water. And I’m looking forward to the next big thing.