mothers, lock up your daughters!

In no particular order, here’s a list of all the stuff I’m currently engaged in:

I just got my Comps Proposal done and am feeling particularly good about that. But I still need to get all the paperwork signed (even though I should have done that before I got the proposal passed. oops!). And I have lousy timing. It’s Spring Break so no one’s around to sign off on stuff. Oh well. It’ll get done. Right?

I’m working on a new novel. Don’t ask me where I’ve found the time to do this. But I’ve been working on it since last January so it’s pretty slow going. A few months back my Very Good Friend Juli read an early draft and gave me some great feedback. Maybe I’ll get it done before next January.

There’s this silly thing I’m doing right now called dj buddha taking up some time. But I do so love to hear myself talk and share with the world at large asinine lists of things I’m doing even though there’s probably only a half dozen people who read this who (a) know me or (b) care.

I’ve decided to start dating. Or at least, I’ve decided to start looking for potential people to date. I don’t know. Dating always feels like a Big Goddamn Deal and fraught with all sorts of emotions that fall under the header of “Uncertainty” or “Insecurity.” But it’s fun, too, in the sense that meeting new people can be entertaining. And despite the weather this week, it’s going to spring (I can feel it) any day now which means I’m going to want to get the hell out of my apartment and enjoy some sunshine squeezed in between all the stuff on this list.

Kai’s back from the doggie dentist. He’s all doped up right now and is a little more uncoordinated that usual. He’ll sleep off the anesthesia no doubt and be back to his perky self tomorrow and the really good news is that it wasn’t as expensive as I thought and he gets to keep his tooth.

In addition to my usual day job and all that that entails, I agreed to start re-designing the web-site of our sister company which has turned into a bigger pain in my ass than I thought. I really need to learn how to say that magic word “no” I keep hearing about.

I’m thinking of getting a new tattoo on the inside of right wrist. I’d like to have a dharma wheel tattooed there. I think that’s fitting. It represents the teachings of the Buddha. To the extent that it represents my personal, spiritual path, it also represents teaching, that is, my vocation. My calling, for lack of a better word. All I need to do is find the time to (a) balance my checkbook to make sure I can afford it and (b) find the time to actually have it done. No problem!

And somewhere in all that, I somehow have managed to maintain a social life. Am I not sleeping?

But here’s the kicker. Ready? I love it. I love it all. I can’t think of one thing on this list of crazy things I need to get accomplished that I don’t really love. It’s stressful. Don’t get me wrong. The last few weeks have certainly turned a few more hairs on my head grey (which hardly matters as I’m shaving it all off tomorrow anyway), but the stress is coming from a place of commitment. From a place of devotion to things worth being devoted to.

How did I find myself here? How did I end up in a life so worth living?

Oh right. I did this. I made this life.