knock it off.

Quit it. Ya hear me? Quit being passive. It’s getting old. Let it out man. Be up front. All this bull shit goin’ on. All these little dramatic complications. They’re all made up in your head. Just start talkin’. Just let it all out and everything’ll be just fine. Take a deep breath. Don’t bother […]


I just wrote the longest-winded email to my very good friend Juli all about the Buddha and spiritual quests and all that sort of thing. And I think it’s high time I started writing my manifesto. During my last seminar a week or two ago, a woman who just filed her Ph.D. dissertation gave us […]

i am confused

What with all the things happenin’ in my life these days. I am confused. And, more immediately, I am sunburned. Don’t ask me why it didn’t occur to me to put on sublock (or at least wear a hat) while I was at the bbq pit for three-plus hours Sunday, drinkin’ cheap beer with the […]

Cat Stevens

So I’m sitting here, still at work, and my cute co-worker is listening to Cat Stevens. (How does she know about Cat Stevens.) It’s one of those moments. It’s the sort of moment on a rainy afternoon when someone’s listening to Cat Stevens and you’re pissed off about something but the music is making it […]

rain rain go away

Stupid weather. It’s so dreary outside. It reminds me of that Portland drizzle I experiened over New Years. Only it’s May for cryin’ out loud. California dreamin’ my ass. Anyway, there isn’t much to this rant. There’s not a lot going on. Which is a half truth as always. The whole truth is that I’m […]


I had a date last night (which I won’t go into details about because I think it a little uncouth to talk about such things when the person you’re talking about may be looking at what you’re writing. But I digress.) And then I went home and went to bed and had the strangest dream […]


I just spent two hours talking to my very good friend Juli. God damn is this girl punk rock. I don’t really have anything to say about this conversation. It was, in the end, the sort of long and winding conversation that drifts effortlessly from deeply important issues of spirituality and diversity to such inane […]

the Wilco collection

So I’ve been thinking about writing on Wilco for a while now. Their latest album, A Ghost is Born, is really starting to grow on me. It took a while, to be honest, and I’m not at all sure how I think it stacks up to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot or Summerteeth or their earlier albums. […]


So the rants here have been updated with this crazy blog thing. I’ve been hessitent to make a blog because, by and large, I think blogs are weird and bloggers even weirder. And then I realized that I have a blog, even if it doesn’t use fancy blogging technology. And a lot of people I […]