I had a date last night (which I won’t go into details about because I think it a little uncouth to talk about such things when the person you’re talking about may be looking at what you’re writing. But I digress.) And then I went home and went to bed and had the strangest dream about my ex-girlfriend. My ex-girlfriend who I haven’t thought much about recently and stopped dreaming about a long time ago. Anyway, in the dream I was talking with my friend Jay who had let slip to her that I’d been out on a date with another woman. She was really hurt by the whole thing. She was even crying. And for some reason we were in a tree house. A very Swiss Family Robinson tree house.

I woke up in the middle of the dream extremely thirsty. Which is what I get for having that last cocktail so close to bed time. And when I fell asleep I was in the middle of a desert where a cop in a convertible Saturn coupe had picked me up and were talking amicably about how cool Saturns are. Which was almost as weird as being in a tree house with Jay and my ex-girlfriend.

So I’m not going to read too much into any of that.