rain rain go away

Stupid weather. It’s so dreary outside. It reminds me of that Portland drizzle I experiened over New Years. Only it’s May for cryin’ out loud.

California dreamin’ my ass.

Anyway, there isn’t much to this rant. There’s not a lot going on. Which is a half truth as always. The whole truth is that I’m a work right now and not doing a whole helluva lot. My in-box is empty and the phones are pretty quiet for this close to camp season. So I sort of feel like I’m waiting for something to happen. Which I probably shouldn’t be sharing with the world at large given that last week I gave the url to this here site to my boss and should could, at any moment, be reading it. But I sort of dout it.

She’s taken the last two days off as her last little vacation before summer really starts. And that more or less means that she’s probably hanging out with her girlfriend and I sincerely hope that she is, right now, no where near a computer.

I ought to go on a vacation myself. I’m thinking of using Memorial Day as my excuse. Summer around here usually means no time off and this summer is supposed to be busy with reading for comps. And I’m thinking of applying for a fall teaching position at USF which starts the day after my last camp ends. So much for vacation.

So I really should get the hell out of here.

In other news, I cound this on-line today:
jesus hates me
Which is pretty funny. If you think about it.

It came from the worst on-line test I’ve taken in a long time. The Personality Defect Test. Which said I’m an Emo Kid. Which really bugs me even though I know it shouldn’t. I’m not going to sit here and define myself in terms of what some silly on-line test says. For Christ’s sake, last week I took one that said, sexually, I’m a BDSM freak. Which is just silly.

Anyway, since the good folks here are paying to work, I’m going to get to work. And hope the rain clears before lunch.