I feel obligated to say something.

apple/intel (borrowed image)

I feel obliged to say something. And provide a link to somewhere. But to where, I don’t know. So I’ll just say it. Apple’s gonna be using Intel chips. And there’s all kinds of people all over the internet shitting in their pants. Apple geeks are a weird cult. I’ll admit it. We’re a wacky bunch, passionately devoted to our underdog status. But really. C’mon now, folks. Is change always bad? Are we really heading backwards technology wise? Twenty years from now, when we’re all plugged into the mainframe from micro-processors and nano-technology hardwired to our cerebral cortexes, is it really gonna matter which platform we conformed to circa 2005? Probably not.

(Secretly, I’m think we should all switch to Linux. But don’t tell my brother.)

What I really wanted to say was this: God damn, I love my Mac. Right now. In the middle of the night, I love my Mac. I’m doin’ some pretty cool shit with it right now and it’s bringing me unlimited joy. (And, no. I’m not downloading porn.) And really, at the end of the day, that’s all anyone ought to expect from their computer. Or their car. Or their stereo. Or their television. All these gadgets only serve one function: to make our lives more fun.

Does anyone, anywhere, really need a digital camera?

No. Of course not. Do I love digital cameras? Of course I do! They allow me to watch my niece grow up even though she lives far away. And I love all the other technology — the servers, the internet, the laptops, the software, and so on — that allow me access to those images. But none of them, not even all of them put together, take the place of Natalie. Natalie’s gonna keep on growing up and being Natalie with or without my trusty Mac. My trusty Mac, no matter how much I love it right now, is just a tool. A means to an end. PowerPC, Intel Inside, Windows, Linux, Tiger, or nano-tech implant — nothing’s gonna stop Natalie from being Natalie.

And that’s the most important thing to keep in mind.

So to all you Mac geeks out there, relax. Enjoy the ride. Love it while we have it, because nothing’s permanent in the end.