harsh truth

I have to face a harsh truth. Annoying Girl I work with is actually pretty good at her job. She’s especially good at one thing that I’m not good at: customer service. I don’t particularly care that she’s better at this than me. Hell, you could probably train hyena to be better at customer service than. Truth of the matter is, I hate customer service. Thank god it’s a small part of what I do. So, I don’t care that Annoying Girl is better at it than me. Good for her. But this means that her future employment here is pretty much guaranteed unless she does something real stupid.

On the other hand, Hot Girl, who I really like as a person, is starting to really screw up. I don’t think she’s doing that great a job anymore. Her priorities are a little out of whack. And she’s starting to get confrontational with other people in the office. And the last thing you want to do is get confrontational with our boss. You can’t win. Give up, girl. Just give up and play nice. I don’t really care if she’s confrontational with other people. She’s fine with me and when she’s not, I don’t take any shit from her. But the harsh truth here is that if she keeps acting this way, she’s gonna be looking for a new job come September.

(Which might not be a bad thing for me, really. That would mean I’d just have one less excuse to not flirt with her.)

This is all really weird for me. It’s weird because usually my personal feelings about people line up with my professional feelings about people. Not always, mind you, but usually. Here’s the rare situation where I don’t like one person on a gut level but she’s doing a good job. On the other, there’s a person who I think kicks ass on a personal level, but she’s sort of screwing up.

But you know. Here’s the really good news. This isn’t in any way my problem. And it’s nice that my biggest concern this morning (apart from a terrible crink in my neck) are the interpersonal problems of people I work with. People I don’t even have relationships with apart from work. So things must be pretty good, huh?