back pain and insomnia

So the other night I did something to my back. I don’t know what, of course. But I did something. It’s freakin’ killing me. It’s probably a combination of things really. My lower back gets the brunt of my stress. Then there’s the years and years of bad posture. I wonder if Friday night had anything to do with it. Of course, Saturday afternoon (when I laid around on my sofa for hours on end) was probably worse for it. At any rate, my back hurts. Sitting still with a completely erect spine seems to be about the only thing I can comfortably handle at the moment which will, no doubt, allow me to get a lot of work done. Goody.

What’s worse though is that I can’t sleep. Last night it took me forever to fall asleep and when I did I had stupid work dreams which woke me up. If this keeps up, something tells me it’s going to a disastrous week. I’ll be lucky to get anything done. Then again, if the one thing I get done this week is finish that freakin’ paper, I’ll throw myself a party.

I could go on. I have the desire to ramble on all morning to tell ya the truth. But I am at work. So I guess I should be working.

Speaking of work (see how easily distracted I am?) things are getting weird around here. There’s an overtly tense cloud of short-timers disease floating in the air. I think, on the one hand, we’re all getting antsy for camps to be over. We’re at the point where more camps have finished than are left for the summer. So everyone’s waiting for that end of summer deep exhale. On the other hand, I think one of my bosses is going to quit in the fall. Which is sort of about time. I love her to death, don’t get me wrong. But this place is killing her. And while, for the most part, she’s good at keeping her own personal dissatisfaction to herself, lately it’s been infecting others.

Then there’s my coworkers. This place has a pretty high turn-over rate and we tend to loose one or two camp coordinators every year. I’m sure this fall will be no different but I’m afraid that one of the folks to jump ship will be the woman who’s been here longer than I have. Which will really bum me out. No one’s talking about it, but there’s rumors (confirmed to a certain extent) that her and her boyfriend will be moving back east. Shit.

Which leaves me with hot girl and annoying girl. Which wouldn’t be so bad I suspect unless hot girl gets herself fired for spending too much time MySpace and not actually doing any work. Of course I’ll not quit. I never quit. I have a bad habit of lingering in my jobs long after I’ve lost the passion for the work. Sometimes just to watch the place fall apart. But in this particular case (call it “reason” or “justification” or “excuse”) I can’t really quit because this is best part-time-while-you’re-in-grad-school-job I could ask for. With benefits. And I’m only two years shy of graduation.

So that’s it in a nut shell. I think I’ve killed enough time. It’s almost nine, after all, and I’ve been in the office since eight. Which means I’ve already wasted away one hour. Only seven more to go.