homeward bound

Is it weird to write two entries in such close proximity? I don’t think so. After all, this one needs to be a bit more reflective.

It’s a quarter to nine in the morning of Wednesday, September 14th. I’m at a coffee shop in Tokyo about to make the long journey across town and then out of the city to the airport. Right now, it’s a quarter to five, Tuesday evening, back home. My friends are all still at work or school or whatever it is they usually do on Tuesday afternoons. (And it just occurred to me that I never changes the time settings on my blogs. Drats.)

This whole time thing always trip me up. It’s just so strange to me that right now there’s this whole other world going on. That right now, it’s some other right now. That when I leave here this afternoon, I’ll arrive there this morning.

But this isn’t very reflective, is it? I wanted to reflect on my trip. On what I’ve come away with. These sorts of vacations always feel so much longer than they really are. I know I’ve only been gone a week, but my perception of time seems somewhat off. It feels like considerably more than a week has gone by.

In a couple of days I’ll have to go back to my office job. I’ll have to crack a book for my comps. I’ll be walking my dog. Calling my friends. Doing all those normal things I did last week (at least for a little while before I head off to Florida). And yet they all seem so far away. No just geographically, which goes without saying, but temporally. Is that my life?

Oh, don’t be so melodramatic, scott! Of course it’s my life and it’s the life I love. And this life includes this wonderful trip to Japan. And will again include other trips and jobs and dogs and friends.

And maybe it’s just the distance talking, but I feel the need to recommit when I return. Like I mentioned a couple of days ago, I think it’s interesting that I don’t freely walk around talking about the Buddha. That is, I think it’s a bit odd that a huge passion in my life gets somewhat short-shrift in the face of other passions in my life. And while I do not mean to imply that I want to cut loose those passions (how could I see less of my friends, for example, and still call them my friends?), and while I certainly love my geeky, tech-filled hobbies, I think I need to reorder some of my priorities.

I think I’ve already made plans for Thursday evening to pay a visit to my temple.

And on that note, I’m going to sign off, finish my coffee, and brace myself for my last trip on Tokyo’s mass-transit system. See you all this morning!