You heard about this new show with Gena Davis as president?

I guess word around Right-Wing Conspiracy Town has it that the show is part of the Liberal Media’s attempt to get Hillary in the White House in 2008. To which I say, whatever. “Liberal Media” is a term with about as much validity to it as “Aliens crashed in Roswell.”

Here’s the deal. Listen up. I like Mrs. Clinton. I haven’t got anything against the woman. Granted, I haven’t been following her political career in New York all that closely but mostly because I’ve been more concerned with local politics over the past couple of years. But here’s what I know about Hillary running for the Presidency in ’08:

She can’t win.

I mean, c’mon people. It’s Hillary Clinton we’re talking about here. Name me a First Lady who didn’t have get herself ripped a new asshole as much as Hillary in last century (Eleanor Roosevelt notwithstanding). You think all the right wing, religious conservative nuts in the country are going to forget her? You think they’re going to magically go away in the next two and half years? Not bloody likely. And, I’m sorry to say, they’re the ones who vote (or can vote in Ohio and Florida).

But, more importantly, do you really want the next president to be the first woman president? C’mon people. Think about it. Think about the deep dark hole that Mr. Bush has put us in over the last five years. Think about the economic mess we’re going to be in when foreign investors stop investing. Think about how many people are going to freeze to death this winter and next because they’re on fixed incomes and can’t afford to pay their heating bills. Think about how many more young men and women are going to die overseas. Think about the mess Mr. Bush is leaving in his wake that someone’s going to have to clean up.

Guess who that someone is.

The next president.

Now think about the way the spin doctors have no sense of causality, no sense of history. When the shit hits the fan — and it will, just you wait — rather than remembering it was Bush who got us into this mess, they’ll simply say “New President isn’t up to the task of running this country! And sure enough! New President is Hillary Clinton! We told you! We warned you! Quick! Quick! Let’s elect some other brain dead Haliburton puppet in 2012!”

C’mon kids. Was Bush Sr. really a bad president? Or was he just cleaning up Reagan’s mess? Did he have to raise taxes because he wanted to? Or because his predecessor left him with a financial mess and the only way to fix the problem was to raise taxes? Did anyone blame Reagan? No. We elected Clinton.

There’s your history lesson for tonight.

And your prophecy for the 2008 election. Whoever wins is screwed. You want Hillary to win? Fine. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.