Focus, Will Robinson! Focus!

I am having a terrible time getting anything done today. I’ve been sitting on my computer since 10 o’clock and have gotten a lot of laundry done and tracked some packages that are on their way to my living room. But I haven’t really done shit vis a vi my exams which, in point of fact, is all I really should be doing today.

I’d like to blame this lack of attention to my studies on something really Big or Catastrophic or Melodramatic to make folks think that my unfocusness is justified or something deserving of your sympathy. And while there are some things (some good, happy, silly things) that are distracting me, really I think I just don’t want to work. I want everything to done already. I want to reap all the benefits of being a good student without doing any of the work.

My god. I think I have senioritis. Remember that feeling of being so close to Finished that all you really wanted to do was plan for the prom and your graduation party? Shit. If this is true, well then sir, I gotta get over that. I’m not that close to graduation.

And so, without further ado, here I go! Wish me all appropriate luck.