random bitch of the day

Someone in my apartment complex has been using my laundry detergent. I leave the box in there because there’s so little closet space in here that isn’t used up my grandmother’s old music boxes and extra books and old tapes and boxes full of electronic gadgets and wires. It used to be safe in the laundry room, back in the day when only three out of the eight units were being rented out. And recently someone asshole has been using my detergent. That shit ain’t cheap. And if I was made of money I probably wouldn’t be living in this building. And now it’s almost gone and I can’t do anything about it except bitch about it to the internet. Which is what the internet’s for right?

So if you’re using my laundry detergent, stop it. It’s really fucking up my day.

(In other news, something wonderful has come into my life in the last couple of weeks. Everything’s going to be different. Everything’s going to be beautiful.)

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