last night in philly

So here I am, my last night in Philly.

I don’t really have anything too exciting to report. But you know my love of Appropriate Endings. I remember when I was younger I’d always to save the last few pages (yes pages) of my journal to write something appropriately and melodramatically reflective, so sum up in some way whatever the hell it was that I’d been through during the time I had said journal.

But I don’t I can do that about Philly. I think I’m through with melodramatic endings.

It does feel like I just got here. Loosing yesterday to a hangover seems a bit silly. But at least I made it to the conference and made and appearance to all three members of my committee. At least I showed up.

And now I’m off to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving. I suspect I’ll have less time to write until I’m back in the Bay Area. So I guess if I have anything important to say, I’d better say it now.

….and with a mischievous little smile, all I can think to say is, yeah. She is pretty hot.

2 thoughts on “last night in philly

  1. “But I don’t I can do that about Philly. I think I’m through with melodramatic endings. “-Scott Mitchell

    “But isn’t it annoying when they do the last song in the films, then? You just know when it goes really big and the camera goes, like, out of the roof? And you just know it’s gonna end? I *hate* that. I would leave just after the next to last song.”Björk, as Selma, in Dancer in the Dark.

    “Didn’t convince me.”-Victoria Alexander, in her review of the 1984 film, The Philadelphia Experiment.

    “Philadelphia breaks no new dramatic ground…”-Roger Ebert, in his review of the 1993 film, Philadelphia

    Yeah, I think I’m done with melodramatic endings, too. Good call. Let it all end with a feast!

    Happy Tofurkey Day, Scott

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