more reasons i’m happy to be a buddhist

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Merry Fucking Christmas, Jerry.

Hey Jerry. Guess what. According to surveys done at the start of the century, at least 75% of Americans self-identify as “Christian.” Why so scared? If there’s a jihad against Christmas, who’s behind it? The .5% of Americans who self-identify as Buddhist?

Hey Jerry. Guess what. Those of us who aren’t Christians don’t care. Celebrate to your heart’s content. And, quite frankly, if you wanna boycott the big box stores this year, I’m right there with you.

Happy holidays, folks. And if anyone cares, the Buddhists’ Big Winter Holiday is December 8th. It’s called Bodhi Day and celebrates the day the day the Buddha attained enlightenment.

Let’s all hope for a little more enlightenment in the coming year, huh?