I was surprised to see this article in the Times yesterday. In a nutshell, the ACLU and a couple professional organizations are suing the government for not allowing a Swiss Muslim scholar entry to the U.S. One of organization in the suit is the American Academy of Religion to which I belong. Their statement on […]


I’m sure you’ve all heard about this. The Supreme Court went against the Bush Administration yesterday. Now, I’m not sure about suicide (in general) from a moral perspective. I think there’s pretty strong arguments to be made on both sides of this one. But when it comes to a person’s conscious decision to end her […]

oh dear god.

This is too much. I mean, what can you expect really? Either, (a) News Corp. will pick six yahoos with the collective IQ of a turnip which will make the debate something as intelligent (and entertaining) as American Idol, or (b) my boss (a man who took a case all the way to the Supreme […]

podcast update

Hi everyone. Just wanted to let y’all know that the shipment of audio equipment for my forthcoming podcast has been delayed. Drats. So the big debut may be pushed back a bit. Eh. What’re ya gonna do?


From Overheard in New York: Suit #1: So what do they speak in India? Hindu? Suit #2: Hindu’s not a language. It’s Hindi. Suit #1: Right, right. So those people, they’re Buddhist? Suit #2: Are you kidding me?

tough questions

From the Times. Senator Orrin G. Hatch. . . asked [Supreeen Court nominee Samuel A. Alito] whether he was against women and minority groups in college. “Absolutely not, senator, no,” the judge replied. “Tough question, Orrin,” Senator Leahy interjected with a chuckle. “Tough question.” “Good question, though,” Mr. Hatch retorted. *sigh* I see Washington’s off […]