I’m sure you’ve all heard about this. The Supreme Court went against the Bush Administration yesterday.

Now, I’m not sure about suicide (in general) from a moral perspective. I think there’s pretty strong arguments to be made on both sides of this one. But when it comes to a person’s conscious decision to end her or his life — why’s that any of the government’s business?

Oh god. Am I actually arguing for less government intrusion in people’s personal affairs? What am I, a libertarian?

Eh. I guess, as always, I’m just a little wary of the idea that anyone has the right to tell people what they can and can not do with their own bodies and lives, provided that those decision do not impact negatively on the lives of others. And in the case of terminially ill persons (who are of course of sound mind, who have had the Big Death conversation with their families, etc.) who am I to tell them that their life is “precious,” that we live in a “culture of life,” and that we ought to “value” their life and they shouldn’t, therefore, be allowed to kill themselves?

And, of course, there’s a moral ambiguity on the part of a doctor helping said persons. And we shouldn’t expect that doctors must help people end their lives. But that’s a seperate issue, right? It’s like those freakin’ pharmacists who’ve been withholding contraception to women on “moral grounds.” If I don’t have the right to tell someone they can’t kill themselves, then I certainly don’t have the right to tell a pharmacist not to have moral qualms about the pill.

But my God, man! If you have moral qualms about giving people drugs, why the hell did you get a job as a pharmacist?!

I’m just sayin’.