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Hey! Guess what! This is the 100th entry of my blog! In other words, this is a meaningless milestone!

In other news, I know I keep promising something on the order of a podcast. And as of today I have all the geeky little toys to make that a reality. But I’ve been distracted as of late and have kept putting this pet project on the back burner. I’ve been distracted, I’ll have you know, not by love. (Well, in part by love but I’d not really classify that as “distraction” because that implies that I’m not whole-heartedly choosing to spend my time this way. I am whole-heartedly choosing to spend my time this way because it fills me with joy, and I’m not too unsentimental to admit to that. But I dirgress.) I’ve been distracted by school work which has, these past couple of weeks, been preparations for the oral defense of my comprehensive exams.

Which happened today.

And I passed.

With distinction.

Which means that not only am I smart, but I’m super smart.

So watch out.

The light at the end of the graduate school tunnel is now visible. All I have to do is write a dissertation.

Hehe. “All I have to do…” As if that’s a walk in the park.

But that huge hurdle will come. In time. Tonight is for low-brow movies.

3 thoughts on “news and updates

  1. Right on djbuddha! Congratulations. So, by low-brow movies, are you talking, like, Ernest Goes to Camp, Baby Geniuses 1 & 2, or Showgirls?

  2. Showgirls! I totally should’ve gotten Showgirls! Why didn’t I think of that?

    Actually, it was Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Nothing like an hour and half of fart jokes and the munchies to help you unwind after a hard academic day!

  3. Scott – you rock! Congratulations! That is so awesome. I’m looking forward to your dissertation (mainly so I can quote big parts of it for mine – hehehe…)

    BTW, my thesis defense is on Wednesday and the entrance exam is on Saturday. I got that French book you told me about, we’ll see how it goes…

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