From Working for a Change: And how many of us knew before this week that foreign companies — from China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Denmark — were major operators in 15 American ports? This may be just fine, the way the world works these days. But we’ve never really talked about it, have we? Look. […]

it’s about time

After much waiting, I’ve finally gotten around to releasing the first episode of my podcast. This is a quiet little release. First because it’s only a little over seven minutes long and took me a few hours to record and upload. Second because I’m not actually done with all the geeky, back-end stuff that will […]


In the dream, my uncle John looks like he does in my memory, not the way he looked the last time I saw him at Thanksgiving. At Thanksgiving, he looked like hell, stomach bloated, body frail, cheeks sunken and hallow — the effects of serositis of the liver. In the dream, he looks like he […]

god how i want to ignore this…

The Da Vinci Challenge. Well, more properly, this. (But as of this writing on Friday night, the site hasn’t gone live.) Okay. Everyone’s read The Da Vinci Code. People love it, they hate it, the history’s right on target, it’s totally a mess with glaringly obvious agendas and biases all over the place, it’s not […]