god how i want to ignore this…

The Da Vinci Challenge.

Well, more properly, this. (But as of this writing on Friday night, the site hasn’t gone live.)

Okay. Everyone’s read The Da Vinci Code. People love it, they hate it, the history’s right on target, it’s totally a mess with glaringly obvious agendas and biases all over the place, it’s not the history it’s the message, that message pisses off the Right, whatever.

I mean, really. Get over it. Fact of the matter is, the book was poorly written and the movie is staring Tom Hanks (who I’m getting sick of, truth be told), and directed by uber-sentimentalist Ron Howard. Big Deal.

It’s not like a book has never incited controversy before. I mean, didja all know that when this guy translated the Bible into English, they burned him at the stake? So a silly, poorly written, detective story is really small potatoes, don’t ya think?