From Working for a Change:

And how many of us knew before this week that foreign companies — from China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Denmark — were major operators in 15 American ports? This may be just fine, the way the world works these days. But we’ve never really talked about it, have we?

Look. Dubai Ports World, the UAE, the gaping holes in our ports security, it’s an issue. It’s a huge issue. But not because it’s an Arab state, and not because it’s a security risk, but precisely because “we’ve never really talked about it.”

That’s the problem with America nowadays. With the West, really. The world’s getting smaller and corporations are no longer bound by national laws but by international trade organizations. And the idea that world is getting smaller and that we’re all going to be a homogenous people a la Star Trek isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What’s a bad thing is that no one’s freakin’ talking about it and no one’s making sure that people aren’t getting screwed in the process.

Terrorism? Terrorism’s a problem. But let’s not forget something else no one talked about: the CIA trained the Taliban in the ’80’s so they could fight the USSR which, at the time, was occupying Afghanistan. The folks we’ve been fighting in Afghanistan are the same folks we trained to fight the Communists. And Iraq? Well, for twenty years Iraq fought Iran with U.S. manufactured weapons. And they won. And then Hussein didn’t want to do business with us anymore and look what happened.

I don’t know if these things are related. But more and more I feel like the more time we spend worrying about security threats the less time people spend talking about the global economy and the back room shenanigans that piss people off and make them want to blow up other people. So, god damn, it’s sure nice that folks are talking about what our government’s been up to for a change. So hat’s off to Dubai Ports World for forcing the American people to stop and think for a second about deals being made in back rooms and their potential disastrous consequences.