republic of scott

I’m thinking of starting my own country. It’ll be here. Maybe in my apartment. Or maybe I’ll take over a part of Oakland or something. I’m way too attached to this little piece of land to leave the continental United States. I am, however, growing increasingly — what’s the right word? Or words, really? Confused? Disoriented? Outraged? Disenchanted? Or some combination of those — with the rest of the country.

It all started when I read this article on South Dakota’s passage of an anti-abortion bill. I’m not sure how I ended up reading, but that’s beside the point. And, really, the abortion debate is itself somewhat beside the point. I mean, it is the point in some ways — I am genuinely worried about the direction our country is headed, and I am genuinely worried about women’s rights, and I am genuinely worried about a lot of things. But what really got me today was this:

But why only punish the doctors? I asked, curious about how far the purity goes. If this is a crime, isn’t a woman who seeks an abortion at least a willing accomplice? Because, (Representative Roger) Hunt says, once more citing the findings of the task force, “she may be dealing with a lot of pressure, from family, boyfriend, husband. We have a situation in which the woman may be getting so much pressure she’s not thinking clearly.” The doctor, on the other hand, “should be operating in a calm and collected manner, have identified all the risks to the woman, he’s counseling the woman: we think its appropriate to place a greater burden upon the doctor.”

Emphasis added by me.

See, in the Republic of Scott, the small-minded Representative Roger Hunt who’s behind this new bill would have refrained from assuming that women are equally small minded fools who are easily confused and eternally at the will of evil genius male doctors. In the Republic of Scott, all the energy folks usually expend debating abortion would be focused instead on the following two things: (1) educating people on reproductive health, and (2) ending violence against women. The way I see it, in the Republic of Scott, if we did these two things, there would be a much smaller need for abortions in the first place. Plus, with all that extra education people would be getting, they would soon realize that women are not the passive recipients of whatever load of hogwash they’re being sold, either by doctors or conservative Representatives, and do indeed have the free will and common sense to make informed, rational decisions about their lives and health and bodies. And with all that education, guess what else would go away? War. And hunger. And poverty. And inequality. Because with all that education would come people who are better able to to do the following two things: (1) take better care of themselves from the get-go, and (2) elect representatives who actually “represent” and politicians who actually lead rather than simply telling people what they “should” believe.

Anyway, I’m thinking of starting my own country. Applications for Citizenship will be taken immediately.