status report

So there’s quite a bit going on over here right now. So much so that you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t write (or podcast for that matter). In short, in no particular order, here’s a few things in my life:

– I’m moving. That’s right, after two plus years in my little apartment, I’m moving on to bigger and far more wonderful things. Stay tuned for the housewarming events.
– I’m still getting that goddamn Ph.D. And right now I’m in the midst of getting the dissertation topic approved and beginning my field work.
– I’m still working. And starting next week, I’m going to be working full time. Don’t ask me how I juggle a full time gig and a full time grad student schedule.

But right now, right now I’m sitting in my friend Scott’s car on the side of the road up by Tilden, looking over the city, Oakland, the Bay, and San Francisco in the distance. It’s a bit hazy out here today, not smog, but just a low layer of clouds that’s bright and the air is warm but the breeze is cool. Rumor has it it’s going to rain later today. And as I’m looking out over the city that I love, I can’t help but feel the change in the air. Spring is back. And with moving always comes some place new, in an existential, metaphysical sense. And despite the attendant stress of packing-moving-etc., I’m pretty freakin’ excited. It’s going to be amazing. We’re going to make a beautiful home together.

So you’ll have to cut me some slack if you don’t have any updates for a couple of weeks.