an open letter to my friends and family

This has been one of the most stressful summers of my four-year career here at the summer-camp-part-time-job. And it’s really starting to depress me.

It’s starting to depress me because I feel as though this job has sucked my summers away from me. I recall, in years past, having wonderful summers. Summers where I was able to meet up with my friends and work part time and have plenty of time to goof off and relax. Even after I got out of school. And even in my first couple of years as a grad student. Summers were all about time.

For the past four summers I’ve sacrificed huge chunks of my summer to this company. I’ve cancelled vacations. Missed birthdays and events with all of you. But even in years past, when my job description was slightly different, I was able to walk away from the job and leave it behind at night or for the weekend.

This year they’ve got me on a short leash.

And I feel like I’ve sacrificed a lot more than just my time this summer.

And as a result I feel like I’ve been neglecting all of you.

I know you understand. And I know you don’t need me to say these things. And I know you support me and hope I’m doing what I can to alleviate the stress. And I know that you know as soon as camp is over, we’ll hang out, get a beer, see a movie, go to a museum, or do something equally fun.

So I guess I just wanted to let everyone know — since I leave for camp tomorrow — that I’ve been thinking of you, missing you, and really look forward to the end of August when things will get back to normal. When I’ll only have to be here for twenty hours a week. When the remainder of my days will be spent waxing philosophy, religion, and politics. And all these stresses will be gone. (Or at least replaced with a different sort of stress.)

Wish me luck at camp!