in other news

I’ve finally gotten around to updating my on-line portfolio as well as some other tinkerings here and there with the ol’ Buddhaworld site. Feel free to check it out. I’ll no doubt be adding more screen shots of my work as I finish up some projects, but you get the idea.

And in other other news, it’s nearing 5 o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon late in the month of August. Things here in summer-camp-land are winding down. There’s a weird air about the place as my boss is quitting next week and we’re officially in the midst of a “transition.”

But I’m in my own “transitional” state of mind. Fall orientation for the new school year is next Monday. And I need to start getting my mind around research. I am, after all, ABD (all but dissertation). So all I need do is write a little book (ha!) and I’ll officially be Dr. Scott. So I need to get my mind from summer-camp-land and back to Academia where it belongs.

Sometimes I feel schizophrenic.

But, like I said earlier, just because you’re paranoid….