just so you don’t hear any rumors

It’s true. I went and got myself engaged.

There’s really too much to talk about. I’m not going to slip into any over-the-top sentimentality on the issue. (Not here, at any rate. I’ll save my sentimentality for the other blog, for protracted conversations with friends, for many many toasts. But this is my blog — rants for god’s sake. I’ve got an image to uphold!)

Gosh, it’s been a long time since I wrote a paragraph that was almost entirely parenthetical.

As I was saying. There’s too much to talk about. I am full of love and it’s a wonderful-beautiful-fun-sort-of-scary-bizarre thing to be planning one’s wedding. It’s so gendered. I found myself looking at bridal magazines and wedding planning websites with Dana and thinking to myself, “This would be so much more interesting if there were robots.”

That’s what we need. A wedding planning guide that has something to do with robots. Or time travel. But don’t get me started on time travel.

Anyway, since the cat’s out of the bag, and I’m done working full time, and I’m back into the swing of things working part time, I trust that I’ll have more time to rant about more important things in this silly little blog. And I’ll likely give in to the temptation for sentimentality.

Consider yourself warned. I am (and I know it’s true because Juli told me so) a romantic at heart. Why fight it?