So, a week or so ago, the San Francisco Chronicle endorsed Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor. When I read it over my morning cup of coffee, I though, “Huh. That’s weird. Whatever.” And went about my day. The letters to the editor, on the contrary, have been as angry, outspoken, and (yes) diverse on opinion as […]

this again?

Why is that whenever someone comes out against non-traditional families or homosexual marriage or gay folks having kids they always use this argument that the kids of divorce are all kinds of fucked up? I take a large amount of personal offense to this rational because I am the product of divorce. And my brother and I are anything but fucked up. And I have a lot of friends who are also the children of divorce. And they aren’t fucked up either. Was there some study done somewhere that said, “Oh my god! Fucked up offspring of divorce parents are running rampant! We must do something! Why won’t somebody please think about the children!?!?”

what’s new?

Wow! The whole freakin’ place is new! Check out the new digs. Poke around. Look for hidden gems. And don’t mind the mess while I go about the rather laborious task of cleaning up. You’ll no doubt notice a fair amount of bugs to be worked out yet (like that damn navigation bar up top!) […]