sometimes you gotta move the furniture

our living room (copyleft by me)
Sometimes you gotta move stuff. Liven things up. Shake off the dust. The other day, on a whim more or less, Dana and I decided to rearrange our living room. It opened things up. Things feel way better in here.

Which is where I am right now. Listening to Cannonball Alderly while Dana does her homework and the dog lays around licking up crumbs off the floor from our dinner. It’s rather quiet, to be sure, and sort of relaxing.

But, for me, it’s a strange sort of quiet. I feel like there’s a lot in the background that you can’t see. There’s the stress of both of us being in school and working. There’s the dissertation that’s looming over my head that I’m dragging my feet on even getting started. There’s the possibility of me getting a new job and waiting to hear. There’s the far off worries of my friend’s who may be splitting (and what will happen to their daughter?). So there’s all sorts of things running around the back of my head, cluttering up this calm, this quiet.

But it’s good to move the furniture. On, as is the case with this blog, do a complete overhaul and start from scratch. Shake things up and give everything a fresh coat of paint.

Let me know if you catch any bug around here. I’ll do my best to clean those up, too. And in the meantime, I’ve got some studying to do. There’s only way to alleviate the stress of writing a dissertation.

Write it.