playing catch up

I got an email earlier today (or perhaps last night?) from my very good friend Juli who I haven’t spoken with in quite a while. In her email she asked about my new job and about something I wrote in my blog about another friend of mine whose relationship is coming to end. Both these comments made me realize that I must have been posting some rather random things in this little blog and not paying attention to the details. (And that Juli and I really need to catch up. We will! I promise!)

chicken bones

I’m only posting this because the chicken bone line: The electoral semi-tsunami means new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is next in line after Dick Cheney in Presidential succession. In other words, she’s only two chicken bones away from the Presidency. And Bush does not look like a picky eater. Does the term “unchewed […]

what’s that sensation i’m having?

It’s a feeling I haven’t had since 1992. First and foremost, the Governor did not win by a landslide. He won with 60% of the votes. That’s a majority, to be sure, and damn close to a two-thirds majority. Had he won by two-thirds, sure, a landslide. Whatever. But this was simply a win. This […]

another reason not to buy stuff on the internet

“We’re prepared.” Wow. They’re prepared to have someone lob allegations that he paid their leader to have sex with him? Wow. I mean, I know that’s probably not a big deal, but it makes me think there was a Church meeting and they all sat around thinking up worst case scenarios.

“Okay, Bob, what if…. let’s just say, I mean, hypothetically… I accuse you of paying me for sex. What do we do?”