playing catch up

I got an email earlier today (or perhaps last night?) from my very good friend Juli who I haven’t spoken with in quite a while. In her email she asked about my new job and about something I wrote in my blog about another friend of mine whose relationship is coming to end. Both these comments made me realize that I must have been posting some rather random things in this little blog and not paying attention to the details. (And that Juli and I really need to catch up. We will! I promise!)

So, here’s some stuff that’s happening in my life, in no particular order:

First and foremost, I’ve gotten myself a new job. My time at the camp company is slowly (or quickly) coming to end. The reason I decided to quit this job (apart from the offer of a new job) should be pretty obvious from some posts in this very blog (like this one) which are probably going to come back to bite me in the ass one day, but what’re ya gonna do?

But that’s not important. The important thing is that I got a new job. And the new job is right up my ally. For the most part, it involves coordinating an exchange program between Ryukoku University in Kyoto, Japan, with the newly opened Jodo Shinshu Center here in Berkeley. It may or may not be a long-term thing, but I’m getting paid (I think) through the Institute of Buddhist Studies which will no doubt open the doors for more academic opportunities down the road. This is all Very Good News.

Secondly, I’m still doing all sorts of web design work including the website for the Institute of Buddhist Studies (Check it out. Or, check it out in a few weeks when I’ve finished ironing out some bugs.) Plus, I met with someone this week about starting a new project for the Numata Center which, if I get the job, will be a web 2.0/academic dream — a prospect both totally exciting and slightly over my head.

Third, I’ve finally gotten off my butt and have begun the field work for my dissertation. Whew.

Last and certainly not least, I’m still gettin’ hitched, and we’ve made all sorts of plans including setting a date (July 28, 2007), hiring a photographer, booking the venue and last weekend we even started looking at gift registries. All of which will eventually make its way to our wedding website, so stay tuned!

I think that’s it. And having made this list of things I’m up to, I’m realizing that I really should be working on those things and that sitting here toying with my blog is really all about procrastination. So, off I go!