Hey everyone. I know how much y’all love family, dads, kids, and lesbians (not necessarily in that order) so I’m going to get on my soapbox for a moment and ask everyone to vote for LesbianDad for Best New Blog. There’s two reasons why you need to do this: first, the Lesbian Dad in question is related to someone near and dear to me; second, she’s up against a self-described “Libertarian Conservative.” So, c’mon now, don’t you wanna see the lesbians win this one?

So all you gotta do is click this link then click the LesbianDad option and you’re done. Hooray!

Here’s a little quote from the author:

LesbianDad has high aspirations to function as an intriguing forum and a useful resource for lesbian parents generally, giving particular voice to the experience of non-birth mums and the many larger questions our unique kind of parenthood might open up.

What you find here now is a blog and sundry references, but eventually I’ll add a survey as well, whose results I look forward to sharing in these pages. I don’t expect to join the punditocracy on all things relating to (lesbian) parenthood. I myself look to sites like Mombian for breaking news of particular interest to lesbian parents, and I Blame the Patriarchy for snarky, rapier, (lesbo) feminist wit directed to issues of the day.


p.s. You can (and should) vote every day till Friday!

Update! Looks like LesbianDad won by a fair margin! Hooray for the lesbians!


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