I’ve been officially out of my job for a week now and I’m happy to report that, for the most part, I’ve been pretty productive. So productive in fact I don’t really have a lot to report. I feel like I have a lot to rant about (or against) but am not in the mood. […]


Listen. I was going to dig all over the Interwebs looking for good sources about the war in Iraq and why it’s a catastrophe and why this “surge” is a bad idea and present a long and complicated argument about it all with supporting commentary from both sides of the aisle. And then I realized […]

last day

It’s my last day at the camp job. I’m sitting at what’s soon to be “my old desk,” waiting (im)patiently for my boss to cut my check so I can go home. In honor of my last day, and to avoid any undue sentimentality, I’m going to leave this place with the following: Jesus: Wait, […]

a day late and a dollar short

But here I draw the line. Just like this guy. (Read #11 closely.) Look. Science is little more than a methodology to enable human beings to explain their world through repetitive observations and measurable experiments to arrive at objective facts. One of those facts is that an overabundance of estrogen does not make someone gay. I refuse to allow anyone to use scientific jargon to promote a political agenda simply because when someone uses scientific jargon, well, hey, they must know what they’re talkin’ ’bout. But they don’t. And this guys doesn’t. So let’s ignore him and he’ll go away.