I was going to dig all over the Interwebs looking for good sources about the war in Iraq and why it’s a catastrophe and why this “surge” is a bad idea and present a long and complicated argument about it all with supporting commentary from both sides of the aisle. And then I realized that I don’t need to do any of that.

I don’t need to do any of that because what follows is really just my opinion. But it’s a pretty firm opinion — not to mention a moral one — so I’m just going to state it and say to hell with all that research.

The war is wrong. The surge is wrong. And it’s wrong for one simple reason: killing people is wrong. The fact of the matter is that the justifications given for going to Iraq were flimsy to begin with. And since we got there, not only have 3,000 US service men and women lost their lives, but well over 300,000 Iraqis have lost their lives. To which all I can say is sending more troops with the same tired plan built on faulty logic is nothing short of immoral.

They don’t think we’re liberators. They aren’t going stop fighting if there are more of us there, and we are going to be able to change that. We need to accept that and move on. There are other (more diplomatic) ways to ensure peace in the Middle East and spread democracy.

(How ironic is it that Pope Benedict accused Muslims of spreading Islam by the sword and now we’re spreading Democracy by the gun.)

So, having said that, I’ll leave you with this:

And this: