machine warning (copyleft by me)

I’ve been officially out of my job for a week now and I’m happy to report that, for the most part, I’ve been pretty productive. So productive in fact I don’t really have a lot to report. I feel like I have a lot to rant about (or against) but am not in the mood. And not having anything to report is, of course, a lie. Or an exaggeration at any rate. (Or the opposite of exaggeration, whatever that is, words fail me right now.) So rather than making up something interesting I thought I’d post this picture Dana gave me. It’s a warning label on some machine at the PhotoLab where she works. And I love warning signs with silhouettes of catastrophe. I don’t know why. I think there’s just something silly about it.

My favorite is the one on the side of a ten gallon bucket I keep my dog’s food in. It’s a baby. Falling in. And potentially drowning in whatever you’re keeping in your ten-gallon bucket. Because we all know how often we let our toddlers crawl around our buckets.

I guess it could happen. And it isn’t funny if you think about it too much. Which is why it’s only good to think about things for little bit.

As Mel Brooks said, “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.”