this in no way is an endorsment. 2008 is too far away to decide today.


What?! Barak Obama’s black?!


Oh wait. No he’s not. He’s actually of mixed race. His mom’s white. And to me, that’s the interesting thing. Not that he’s half-black, mind you. But that everyone’s calling him black.

It strikes me as an odd throwback to the one-drop rule that said that if you had even one known ancestor from sub-Sarahan Africa, you were black. This was in turn used to determine whether or not you had to follow Jim Crow laws in the post-Civil War South.

So it seems oddly backward to keep harping on Obama’s “blackness” when he’s not black. And by “not-black” I don’t mean he’s white. I mean he’s of mixed race. Which is, first off, not a bad thing. And, second, is true of most of us. Even the whitest of us.

Which means of course we’re all just going to have judge him by his character, his experience, and his political ideology and belief.

I know it’s hard. But give it a try.