First, there’s this (aka, more reasons I love living in this little corner of the world):

Democratic Chairwoman Barbara Boxer kept trying to bring order to the hearing. She told Inhofe he can’t control things anymore now that Republicans have lost their majority. “Elections have consequences, so I make the rules,” she said, holding up her gavel to cheers from the audience.

(from the Chronicle)

Then there’s this:

Which I’m sure you’ve all seen and has nothing to do with the first article. Except the following rant.

I’m not at all sure who I would want to vote for in the primary next (god what is it now, February?). And even less sure about who I’d vote for in the general election in 2008. But I find it downright weird that Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton are spending so much time preparing for the election this far in advance when they’ve already got full time jobs: being Senators.

I understand the need to get your message out there and I understand the importance of name recognition for the national election. Sure. I get that. But I think what bugs me is that they’re spending an awful lot of time talking about how to fix America when they’re president and, more specifically and annoyingly, how they’d get us out of Iraq. To which, I have this to say:

You can get us out of Iraq now because that’s what the phrase “checks and balances” is all about. Your job as a Senator is to deal with the mess Mr. Bush got us into. Oh god how I hope Iraq isn’t an issue in for the 2008 general election because, if the trend continues, at least another 1200 to 1500 service men and women will have lost their lives. Think about it. Do the math.

(Which I also know is unfair. I know they’re both working to end the war and do their jobs as Senators. So maybe this rant is better directed at the makers of mash-ups on YouTube and the mainstream media who are all currently obsessed with an election that’s still a year and a half away. After all, even in the first article I quoted up there, they mention that Gore is a “a Democratic favorite for the presidential nomination even though he says he’s not running.” I mean, c’mon people. He’s not even running. You’re speculating and making things up. Sheesh.)

And that, ladies and gents, is my rant for the day!

…tick tick tick tick tick…..