people are talking about me

A lot of stuff to relate:

First, I really shouldn’t be writing. I should be doing my laundry. But I’ll get to that. (I just hope no one steals my laundry soap.)

Second, earlier today I participated in the local meeting of the American Academy of Religion. I presented a paper which may (or may not) become part of the dissertation. It was pretty well received I don’t mind telling you. Afterwards, a few people came up to ask me questions and one was a woman who just started her doctoral career at the GTU. She said that “several people” had mentioned me to her. Which took me off guard I also don’t mind telling you. It seems strange to think that people are talking about me out there in the world. And even stranger to think that they’re talking about my work out there in the world and in a pretty substantial way. I mean, my mom tells me all the time that she tells people her son’s a scholar. But that’s my mom. She’s supposed to do that sort of thing. But my peers? Hm. Maybe I’m moving up in the world.

In other news, I got an unsolicited email from a woman who’s been reading the site. Favor for favor, since I don’t have a links page anymore, I’ll let you all know that her blog can be found this-a-way. Wow. Someone is actually reading this thing. I wonder how she found me? I guess I could just ask her, but until I get around to it, I think I’ll just speculate. Ruminate. Prognosticate? Scratch that last one.

In other other news, I re-did the buddhaworld site in case you hadn’t noticed. I realized not too long ago that (a) I almost never add anything to the “buddhist” part of the site and only change the layout when I get bored so why do I have it up anyway as anything other than a pointer here?, and (b) that the one good thing about the site is that I can make it look all professional and stuff for my other secret life as a web designer. After all, I’m actually getting new clients (okay, client) so maybe I should look like I know what I’m doing.

(Shh. I don’t really. I really just make it up as I go along and pretend I know what I’m talking about. But, c’mon now. Be honest. So is everybody else.)

Lastly, did I mention I’m getting married? I’m sure I did. I devoted a whole category here to the subject. And I only bring it up right now because I’m feeling suddenly very happy about it. Oh, fine. And I want to gloat and drop gratuitous references to my wedding wherever I please! You’ll have to forgive me. But, after all, despite however much I feel like I’m moving up in the world and “becoming a grown up,” I’d like to believe that I can remain sentimental and idealistic when it comes to love. Damn it.

Oh, and my best friend Juli is pregnant. But that’s not got nothing to do with anything. Just thought I’d mention it because it’s pretty freakin’ cool.

Okay, I think the laundry’s gotta be done by now.


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  1. Oh! I didn’t realize I hadn’t told you how I found you, because it’s kind of neat. You come up if someone googles “jodo shinshu wedding.”

    Yeah. Isn’t that awesome?

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