somehow, this is all the ACLU’s fault

From the New York Times: As a result, [Jerry Falwell] was a lightning rod for controversy and caricature. He apologized, for example, after televised remarks suggesting that the 9/11 terrorist attacks reflected God’s judgment on a nation spiritually weakened by the American Civil Liberties Union, providers of abortion and supporters of gay rights, and after […]

happy mother’s day

Some Mother’s Day cheer from Working for a Change: Moms were seen as less competent and committed. Moms were half as likely to be hired as childless women or men with or without kids. Moms were offered $11,000 less in starting pay than non-moms. And, just for good measure, they were also judged more harshly […]

thank you

If we’re going to talk about the commercialized off-shoot of hip hop known as pop gangsta rap, which began as social commentary on the underbelly of American society before it morphed into a modern-day minstrel show, shouldn’t we also talk about the mostly white corporate executives who mass produce and sell it to mostly white […]

terrorism and heroin

So the front page of the Chronicle today has a rather nasty article about the driver of the truck that exploded on the freeway over the weekend. They drone on and on about how he was convicted of heroin possession in 1996. Which, to me, has absolutely nothing to do with why or how he […]