the internet saves the world again

First there’s this:
Pelosi taking a stand? (By the by, I made up that link title.) It’s really a blog post about how Nancy Pelosi is apparently taking a poll to see if people want to impeach the President and Vice President. I just called and the line was busy. Let me know if it works or if you hear anything else about this.

Then there’s this (oh, by the way, the link takes you to the non-member section of Suicide Girls, so there aren’t any actual naked people but there’s a lot of scantily clad people, so if you’re in some prudish/public space, you might not want to click this link):
Wil Wheaton’s Geek in Review.

There’s a couple reasons I’m posting this. First, it’s Wil Wheaton and whenever he writes about things I find myself agreeing with him, in spite of myself, in spite of myself for agreeing with Wesley Crusher. But, and more importantly, what he’s on about is the effort to save internet radio which is being threatened right now by a hike in royalty rates. Even if you don’t listen to Internet radio, you ought to pay attention to this because, in effect, what the ballyhoo is all about is that Internet radio stations have to pay royalties just like over-the-air radio for songs they play. The feds want to change this rate from a per-revenue charge to a per-song/per-listener charge — and it’s retroactive back to June of 2006. This would put a good number of small-time Internet broadcasters out of business, and Wil makes a good case for why having access to on-line broadcasters in the face of Clear Channel and other mega-corporations is a damn good idea. I think so, too, so do what you gotta do.