ron paul

Huh. Who knew the Internet could help a seventy-one-year-old former Libertarian presidential candidate get name recognition in, as John Stewart calls it, Clusterfuck to the White House, 2008?

But aperently, the Internet’s been good to Ron Paul.

Of I think (hope) it goes without saying that I’m not voting for or endorsing Ron Paul. I have to admit that I agree with his position on “moral” issue in as much as I agree that it’s none of the government’s business who people want to get married to. But, c’mon, I’m not about to endorse a Republican candidate for President.

More than anything, I think I just wanted to help get his name out there because I agree that we need to have that conversation. And by “that conversation” I mean the one where we remind people that the Grand Old Party is supposed to stand for small government, Bush Co. has done exactly the opposite in his tenure, and the remaining Republican contenders for the White House seem to be offering more of the same.

So, now that that’s out of the way, I can get back to being the happy little leftist I claim to be!