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Did you know there’s a law in New Jersey’s constitution that says an “idiot or insane person” cannot vote? They’re trying to change that law, but I think they should add a line that says it’s illegal to vote for an idiot or insane person.

And in other news, every one of twenty-four toys recalled this year were made in China. There’s a really good joke in here somewhere about how this is China’s plan to take over the U.S., but I can’t find it. If you can, let me know.

Lastly, our own local columnist John Goodman John Carroll makes a compelling argument about Google. In fact, it’s so compelling that not only am I linking to it, I’m agreeing wholeheartedly. In brief, he reminds us that whenever you go on-line, whether you use Google or not, you’re putting your privacy at risk. But it’s that trust we have in our technology that allows us to go about our business in the first place.

I particularly like his comments about driving. Check it out.

And there’s your update for Tuesday!

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  1. Um, J-O-N Carroll. Like Jon Stewart. Not that I’m anal about spelling or anything. But if you’re going to link to his column, people will notice.

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